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Posted by Soda on May 31, 2019 at 8:05 PM

Crazy to even say...this album is now celebrating it's 20 year anniversary. I always talk about other people's records that changed my life...but this one certainly has and I MADE THIS ONE. I'm so happy to have been a very young kid making music on as serious a level that I possibly could have. I was the only teenager in my town saying I was making records. People didn't get it. I'm going to celebrate this album as much as I can for the next few weeks and breathe some new/more life into it. This record did a lot for us...some really awesome experiences. I can go on and on...I'll do a big post for this over at MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE soon. I wanted to do much more for this album 20 years later but my budget is really not much of a "budget" these days. But how cool is it that I can tell you that today, 20 years later, "MEOW" is getting bit of a re-release digitally! It'll now be further and finally available on services like iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and well beyond that as it continues to get distributed. You'll be able to STREAM this record now well outside of the Soda world. Music never dies, it continues to live and sometimes grow. So, go discover and never stop digging and maybe sometime this weekend find a new spot to listen to "MEOW" and let me know what you find! Special thanks to Mike for years of camaraderie.

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