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"Baby's Coming Back" Jellyfish cover

Posted by Soda on October 4, 2021 at 4:25 PM

Well...anyone that knows me, knows that I love the early 90's band Jellyfish. I've also always said anyone that would ever try to cover a Jellyfish song has a bit of a screw loose. Apparently screws fall out all the time because I had the honor of contributing a cover of their song, "Baby's Coming Back" from their 1991 album, Bellybutton. To celebrate the online Jellyfish FB community which just turned 10 years old, admin Pablo Melons put together something called JELLYFEST and asked if I wanted to contribute, and so, I did. What I delivered was my own rendition with my own stamp on it. It's a bit raw, gritty, imperfect and full of feeling. I took a chance and really hope everyone will appreciate my offering. So please check it out below and please also check out all the artists that lent their talent. What a fantastic thing to be a part of. x

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