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My new musical journey...COVENTRY CAROLS

Posted by Soda on February 4, 2022 at 11:55 PM

Hey everybody! Today is a big day! It's the very first day that I can officially tell ya about my new musical journey Coventry Carols - This has been such a long time in the making and the obstacles have been so many, and so vast, that being able to type these say this out loud feels so incredible and rewarding. Our debut record will be out in the Spring. We have a LOT to tell you and we will be doing that through our socials, website, mailing list, etc. Get ready and stick with us. It'll be worth it. We want to share with all of you and connect, just follow the swan. Let's do this! All our socials are now live! Share. Tell everyone! THANK YOU! Very special thanks to my band. Terry and Clifford :::we can finally exhale:::

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